The Many Scandals Of Sen. Ikechukwu Obiorah And Adewumi Ogunsanya, DSTV Boss

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  • By Hilary Okenwa-Nnia

But for the intervention of the Inspector General of the Nigerian Police Idris Abubakar, Sen. Ikechukwu Obiorah and his friend, Adewumi Ogunsanya, the Chairman of DSTV would have caused more damages to Daily Times of Nigeria.
Already, the two friends in collusion with Deputy Inspector General of Police Hyacinth Dagala had procured kangaroo consent judgement from a Lagos Magistrate on assets that are not theirs and with which they embarked on forceful ejection of legal and sitting tenants of Folio Communications Limited, owners of Daily Times of Nigeria.
They also attempted to annex the operational offices of Daily Times in Abuja and Lagos by arresting many staff of the media organisation and deploying Police officers to guard those premises while pasting notice on the walls to scare away visitors.
At No. 15 Copper Road Ikoyi, Ikechukwu Obiorah and his Police gang chased away a sitting tenant, an ace broadcaster, Mr. Patrick Oke. The broadcaster and all his belongings were thrown out to the street, in a scene that was watched by thousands of Lagos residents who made several video and posted on social media.

Office equipments and other properties belonging to ace broadcaster Patrick Oke thrown to the street by Ikechukwu Obiorah beforethe building was demolished

Before they began these clandestine activities, Ikechukwu Obiorah and his co travellers had first, gone to Abuja and arrested the Publisher of Daily Times Mr. Fidelis Anosike and his brother Barr. Noel Anosike who is also the Group Managing Director of Folio Communications Ltd and detained them. The plan was to put them away before carrying out their illegal and hostile takeover of their company and assets.
Luck however ran on them when Rt. Hon. Justice Yusuf Halilu of Court 32, Jabi District of FCT High Court granted them bail on Monday 15th January, 2018. The Judge took time to lampoon Magistrate Azubuike of Mpape Abuja Magistrate Court that reminded them at Kuje prison. The Judge who was visibly angry ruled that it was injustice of the highest order to a Magistrate to remand two law abiding citizens on a case that is bailable.
Free from detention, the Anosikes wrote petitions to President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Chief Justice of Nigeria, the Attorney General of the Federation, National Judicial Council and many others including the Inspector General of Police Idris Abubakar who after analysing the case, ordered immediate arrest of Ikechukwu Obiorah (now at large) and full investigation of the role played by DIG Hyacinth Dagala who is due for retirement in two months time. The IGP also directed and withdrew all cases initiated by Obiorah against Anosike brothers.
Adewumi Ogunsanya, the chairman of DSTV is a director at the foreclosing bank. He is a part owner. He is also the personality brought in by Obiorah to illegally acquire properties belonging to Daily Times of Nigeria (DTN). Already, the DSTV boss has remitted N750million into the account of Senator Obiorah in anticipation of the sale of Daily Times and its properties to him.
With the big money man handy, Senator Obiorah saw the opportunity to go after DTN properties, one after the other. Having achieved the illegality first by purchasing a ruling from Magistrate M. Olubi to acquire the DTN property at No. 15 Copper Road, Ikoyi on August 2017 through a so-called consent judgement to acquire Daily Times worth over N9billion for debt of N3millio, they moved to take over DTN headquarters at Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos.

Some Images Daily Times Properties Demolished by Ikechukwu Obiorah and Adewumi Ogunsanya
This one is No. 15 Copper Road Ikoyi Lagos

Ikechukwu Obiorah used a company called WIPARQUET Limited to constitute a legal case against himself while impersonating as the owner of DTN and then agreed through a “Settlement Agreement” to relinquish Daily Times properties to WIPARQUET over N3million debt. They then presented the Settlement Agreement to the Magistrate court which then granted them “consent judgement” to take over Daily Times properties.
Anosike brothers and their companies Folio Communications Limited and Daily Times of Nigeria are not the only victims of Ikechukwu Obiorah and Adewumi Ogunsanya in their desperate quest to amass wealth through the acquisition of prime real estate in highbrow areas of the country.
According to a report published by, Ikechukwu Obiorah who was chairman of a committee on Local Government Administration during the tenure of Dr. Chris Ngige in Anambra State, allegedly made away with billions of Naira from the LGA.
The report said that Ngige made some money available to Obiorah to help him erect the said mansion for Ngige. Unfortunate for Ngige, the election tribunal truncated Ngige’s tenure abruptly, before Ikechukwu Obiorah completed the said mansion which he held on to and converted to his personal property.
There is also the case of a business agreement with Anambra State government dating back to the Mbadinuju administration (1999 – 2003). The contract agreement concerned the Anambra Liaison Office in Abuja. Anambra State Government had entered into a “Lease, Build, Manage, Operate and Transfer” agreement with Harlesden Engineering Limited owned by Senator Ikechukwu Obiora, to source for funds and complete the Anambra Liaison Office Building in Abuja. At the time of the agreement, the liaison office had already been 80% completed by Mr. Nwandu, an Enugu-based contractor.
After 14years of the contract award, Senator Obiorah did nothing on the building which made the place become a refuge for stranded Abuja residents. This prompted the Federal Government to give an ultimatum to the government of Anambra State to immediately complete the building or have it pulled down. The project remains abandoned till date. The Federal Government went ahead to seize the property thereby denying Anambra State government access to the facility.
While he was a lawmaker from 2007 to 2011, Ikechukwu Obiorah was the chairman House Committee on Housing and Urban Development. In that capacity, he instituted an investigation of sales of Federal Government houses and used the opportunity to acquire several properties from unsuspecting individuals.
Out of litigations arising from one of the cases related to those acquisitions, Sen. Obiorah’s palatial home located in Asokoro beside ECOWAS building in Abuja underwent foreclosure in 2017. The property is set to be repossessed by the banks over a bad loan worth N1.5billion.
The foreclosed mansion was erected during a short stay by the former Senator as the Chairman of Joint Allocation committee of LGA Funds in Anambra State during the Chris Ngige administration. Senator Ikechukwu Obiorah served as the boss overseeing the disbursement and management of LGA’s funds collected from the Federal Government. Properties of occupants of the premise were thrown outside after ‘court’ orders.
Sen. Obiorah currently has another case in court over a similar action against Tony Elumelu, Chairman, Heirs Holding Limited. He was alleged in the gong news report to have pounced have blocked Tony Elumelu from developing a piece of real estate purchased by Tony Elumelu from the Federal Government at No. 10 Rumens Road in Lagos. Tony Elumelu had purchased the land to use to erect a Lagos branch of Transcorp Hotel. Through fraudulent legal manoeuvring, Tony Elumelu, was not only denied the opportunity of erecting another world class hotel, he lost the property. He lost the property to Senator Obiorah. The case is currently pending in court.
Gong News also reported that Sen. Obiorah at a times defrauded his in law, Louis Carter Onwumelu, an Nnewi billionaire. Obiorah is married to the daughter of the brother to Louis Carter Onwumelu. He was reported to have utilised his relationship to collect the sum of N4billion in order to purchase real estate for the man.
Louis Carter Onwumelu had wanted to invest the sum of N4billion into the real estate market. Senator Obiorah volunteered to search the markets and make the purchase. Onwumelu agreed and gave him the sum of N4billion. Although he actually purchased the estate, Obiorah refused to relinquish the property to his in-law but claimed its ownership. He later sold the price and made so much money from it, offering to refund N4billion to his in-law who refused his offer. The case is also pending in court.
According to Gong News, Sen. Obiorah and his friend Adewumi Ogunsanya of DSTV always make use of Magistrates to perpetuate their illegalities. Even when a case is pending in the Court of Appeal or Supreme Court, they would still go down to Magistrate courts to buy judgement to execute their plans.
Some Images Daily Times Properties Demolished by Ikechukwu Obiorah and Adewumi Ogunsanya
This one is No. 15 Copper Road Ikoyi Lagos

Office equipments and other properties belonging to ace broadcaster Patrick Oke thrown to the street by Ikechukwu Obiorah beforethe building was demolished

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